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Carry on luggage – to carry it on or check it?

December 29th, 2013
children's toy story carry on luggage

children’s toy story carry on luggage

We’re planning a 3 week trip to Europe next summer for the family. I have always been a “carry on bag only!” kind of gal… when I travel solo. But whenever I traveled with my son I always checked our bags because my carry on had to be full of snacks/diapers/entertainment/spare clothes/mess-cleaning-up supplies. He’s 4 and a half now though, so the child wrangling essentials have become much less onerous. :) I also had to carry all of his belongings, of course.

He’ll have just turned 5 at the time of our trip next year, so I think we’ll be ready to try the one bag each system. I’m really hoping we can manage it – I love traveling light and keeping my bags with me. I’m thinking that if I can pare down my essentials even a bit more than normal that I can pack some of his stuff in my bag. And then I can buy him his own luggage that he can pull himself. He likes to pull my bag, of course, but I’m not always in the mood for him to drop a “large” (standard) bag and roll it into people. So I’ll need to find him some child-size appropriate bag that he can manage and that can also hold a decent amount of stuff.

I’m up to the challenge. :) Let the best carry on luggage shopping comparisons begin! :)

In Flight Entertainment – Tablets for Kids

November 14th, 2013

We’ll be taking a lot of trips in this next year, and I’m searching and searching for options that will help keep my 4 year old entertained. He is a great traveler – we fly a lot every year, but it’s still hard to occupy a bright, rambunctious boy for the many, many hours of waiting and sitting that are required in airports and on planes. He’s finally old enough to be interested in movies and games (electronic ones), so I think that I’m going to look for a tablet device for him. I definitely don’t plan to let him steal mine. :)

Kurio Kids Tablet with Android 4.0 - 7-Inch 4 GB

Kurio Kids Tablet with Android 4.0 – 7-Inch 4 GB

I want a device that is designed for children, so it needs to hopefully be more robust and sturdy than my ipad or my kindle. Some kind of thicker plastic molding or rubber grips would be great. I’m sure that it will be dropped and not always handled gently! I also want it to be easy for him to navigate and entertain himself – I don’t want to have to constantly choose options for him. That really rules out a kindle fire, I think, as there are far too many features that he is not interested in.

My top choices right now I think are the kurio kids tablet or maybe the leappad leapfrog ultra. My worry is that he will outgrow it. But then again, he’s only 4 – if it can keep him entertained for even a year or two I think it will be money well spent! I’m going to take him shopping this weekend and get his opinion too. I’m sure he’ll like all of them, but we’ll find out shortly. :)

I need to start reading some reviews for the best kids tablets also – I want to find out what other parents think! Here’s too hoping that we can find a device that will entertain my son for a reasonable price! Happy flights, everyone!

Wedding planning – cupcake stands!

October 26th, 2013

I’m currently helping my sister to plan her wedding. Both she and her fiance are young and hip and fun – and they want a laid-back, relaxed, and modern wedding. We’re in the process of researching cake and cake options right now, and our favorite idea so far is to serve fancy, quirky cupcakes instead of a traditional cake! Cupcakes are low-key and easy to serve. We can also bake them ourselves if you want – though we will probably see if Mom would like to do it. :) Cupcakes seem like a much easier task for an amateur than a full multi-tier cake!

We’ve been browsing pinterest for various inspiration pictures of cupcake holders, cupcake towers, and cupcake decorations. We’re thinking that the best option will be to get a 5 tier square stand. Either in metal or plastic. The metal looks quite a bit nicer, but the plastic is easier on the budget!

Whatever type of material we choose, I think the plan will be to make basic (but yummy!) cupcakes in 2 or 3 different flavor combinations (amaretto-vanilla, anyone?!) and stick a monogram decoration into the top of each. We can then decorate the rest of the cupcake stand with flowers or maybe wedding theme specific decor? We’ll have to see how it pans out. This is the shop we’ll probably buy a cupcake stand from. Stay tuned for more pics and details! :)

Modern Square Metal Cupcake Stand

Modern Square Metal Cupcake Stand

My husband is decorating his man cave

October 24th, 2013

Clearly I should be leaving all of the work to him, but he keeps requesting my opinions, and I definitely have plenty of them. :) It works out though. He basically wants a room with a TV, a game table, and a beer fridge. All of those are possible, but it also needs some style! In my browsing for decor items, I’ve decided that there’s a perfect space on the room entry wall for a personalized wall sign. I think that his man cave sign should have some kind of funny beer related text, and should look kind of retro in style. I’m looking at these man cave signs as possible options.

man cave sign

man cave sign

I just hope that I can pick something he will enjoy and I can live with!


October 22nd, 2013

We love luxury every day. We like to give our homes a personal touch by using monogrammed towels, personalized kimono robes, and other linens that carry our own personal stamp. What better way to start your day than by getting out of bed and donning a silky satin bath robe? Why drink your coffee and check your email wearing old, baggy t-shirts and yoga pants when you can feel feminine and sexy in a personalized bathrobe?